Harold Jarche nailed a great point in his article on Learning Management Systems (LMS).

Learning is no longer what you do before you go to work, never having to learn anything else in order to do your job. In the 21st century networked economy, learning and working are becoming one.

via Harold Jarche » LMS is no longer the centre of the universe.

If I’m going to build my experience and skills, why would I want to tie that up in someone else’s system. I spent some time last night archiving old content on my Drobo. I have all these snippets of content that I’ve created over the years that I need to sort and maybe even save. [Note: the addition of Hazel has really helped this – more on that later]

I recently dropped some social networks and I’m on the verge of dropping Facebook. I don’t like the idea of pouring inside someone else’s bucket. I think the real line is desire to be considered a professional. Being a professional means owning your knowledge and the tools that go with it. Whether it is a work or education system, I can’t see leaving my career and personal goals to other people or their software.

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