Two of the best sessions at Northern Voice were all about the graphical.Now drawing is cool, but I can’t draw. A good gentleman, Scott Leslie, kept the MooseCamp tradition alive with a series of sessions on Friday. The first was Rob Cottingham’s take on Webcomics. That wasn’t a natural fit for me because:

Did I mention, I can’t draw

But Rob really did a nice review of the range of online graphic ‘blogs’ that realy made me think. We are so hung up with words that frequently we don’t give the graphic arts the credibility that it deserves. As an example here’s Rob’s ‘notes’ from the Rachel Smith session

Rob Cottingham

And then, in a nice bit of Symmetry, Rachel shares her own graphic notes from the Friday Keynote: Ninmah Meets World blog>

Rachel Smith's notes from Friday Keynote

I also attended two sessions by my perennial favourite Nancy White. These are always the most engaging sessions I get at the conference. In both sessions Nancy made you do stuff. This is not class participation, I mean you are going to do something. The best was the second on making the invisible – visible. I really liked the quote – if CO2 was dark red and hung in the air – we’d have it cured by now.

We were sent out on a drawing/video/picture exercise about something else at the conference or surroundings. I sat in an another session and attempted to grasp the presentation there in a graphic form.

Field trip from Nancy session

And that is even for people like me that can’t draw.

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  1. While Rob’s are amazing (I always admire people who can draw on the fly) yours are nothing to sneeze at, Bill

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