Conferences always ask for feedback and the recent North Voice had a post conference Evaluation. In the middle of filling mine out I figured ‘why not share this’, I would hope other attendees would as well.

What was your favourite session and why?
David Ng Science session and Rob Cottingham Webcomics were both at the top of my list.

What session disappointed you and why?
Location mobile apps was a little too one sided and didn’t really have a message beyond this is cool – and the assumption that most/all attendees use Gowalla or 4Square. I want N.Voice to provide reality check on new media tools that include pros and cons.

In terms of session content, what kinds of sessions were the conference missing?
I seemed the local ‘startup’ community wasn’t as prominent at this conference as it has been in previous years. That may be an industry trend but Now Public, Flock, Sxipper, and dozens of others have either presented or been floating around the building.

What was your favourite thing or things about the conference?
The People: The keynotes that draw big names (Dash, Mullenwag, now Messina) are always a reason to go. For me this has become a community that I only get to see once a year. When I pick sessions, I research the presenter and go by their work rather than the session title or description. For example, I will always attend a Nancy White regardless of what it was about.

What disappointed you most about the conference?
Other than the Moosecamp track on Friday most sessions were fixed presentations with very little interaction/discussion. If the Conference is going to be bigger we need to increase the number of concurrent sessions. Many of the smaller rooms were horribly oversubscribed. A couple of big theatre sessions (LCS 2/3) are good but there should be enough smaller sessions to break up the attendees into manageable sizes.

Any other comments, suggestions or feedback?
How about a way to email or blog my conference evalutation when I hit the submit button on this form.

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