Well, a quick post at the end of a weekend. After a long day on Friday awaiting for the arrival of the iNvincivble-Pad, regular life intruded a bit with the weekend.

The iPad was a regular star of the weekend, the first challege was getting my hands on it. With a poker night with the guys on Friday night – the prize for going bust was you were the first person to get to go play with the iPad. As a result, winning the hand wasn’t as big a deal as you might imagine.

Likewise on Saturday various members of the family got their turns and I was dropping back to the iPhone.

iPad vs iPhone

I had avoided buying the Apple case sight unseen as I had gone through many trials with iPhone cases so I thought I would wait. One of the useful finds on Saturday was a new iPad case.

'New' iPad Case

The MiFi, which provides connectivity for the iPad tucks nicely into the pocket on the right. But again there seemed to be the odd time the iPad was unavailable for one reason or another, leaving me with the iPad Mini as my productivity platform

Sub-Optimal iPad case configuration

Although I can’t complain much as it was my family who managed to find the case for a very non-Apple price point.

A very Non-Apple Price

$2.00 at the local Thrift Store….

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  1. LOL.

    The Parent-of-geek. So far I’ve said more reliable and OnStar and now you can report more economical than the Apple Store! #onlyatadleftoutthistime

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