This is my first post this week using my ‘regular’ computer. I really have had little use for either my desktop or laptop this week with the iPad. I was going to carry both laptop and iPad for a couple days to see – but the lighter bag on the walk to work was just too tempting.

I had one major need for a laptop last night when I was mixing a live blog with a IM Chat but even that I hung on to the iPad until the app switching just got silly. Any rational person would have switched about half and hour earlier. So there is your limiting case, can you replace your computer with an iPad – not exactly, can you massively downside your need for your computer – absolutely.

Things that are making it easier,
Online services such as Google, Flickr(Yahoo) are totally usable on the iPad, including YouTube. There are apps that can do that too, but not the same need as on an iPhone.

I’ll start posting some of my iPad screens and explaining what is on them in the coming days. I’ve got about 100 apps on there right now (overkill I know). I expect that number to drop a bit as I have 6 weather apps, 5 book readers and a few other duplicates. Once I decide on the ones I like the others go.

A couple apps to just call out:
First Dan Bricklin’s NoteTaker is the bomb for writing – finger is fine but I use my Pogo Sketch Stylus (Sorry Steve!). Massive improvements for the iPad form factor and v3 looks like it will make my VGA dongle useful in meeting rooms.
Next, Elements the massive Periodic Table reference app with all the Gee-Wiz graphics. But the update this morning was 1.6GB?? That’s 10% of you entry level iPad storage. Well the Tom Lehrer intro music made my Dad laugh and was almost worth the $13 by itself.

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