So after one week of the iPad the shine still continues.

The two features that keep coming through are speed and battery life. There are many more powerful computers but from zero to doing something the iPad is probably my fastest computer. Launching and switching apps is so much faster than my laptop or desktop that it is almost hard to go back. I use my iPad while I’m watching my Windows desktop login. Then the battery life Is better than my iPhone. Both of those means you never think about using it, it’s just there. That is truly compelling functionality.

After a week of loading apps I’m now getting to the rationalization phase. The apps I loaded on a whim early are starting to fall away. Likewise , I’m waiting on many of my iPhone favorites to come in with the expanded iPad version. Reeder App for RSS is one of those that seems to be caught up in the App store approval process.

My app count was pushing 150 and I’m beating it back to under a 100 which is probably still a lot.

Here is how I’m organizing my Apps. The first page is my ‘frequently used’ page with all the main applications I use on a daily basis. This has changed a couple times and will likely change

Flying, Weather and GPS applications. One of the key reasons for the 3G iPad was all my GPS applications for on the ground and in the air.

Reference and “Wow” page

Various Remotes and Some Productivity Apps

Utility Page

Media and Entertainment page

Infrequently used page, some travel apps

Last Page is my Games page, Not a big gamer but do have a couple of things to keep me busy if things get slow.

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