While I’ve told you about the many attractions you get to see at AGF13. What was the biggest attraction? Simple, The People.

I mentioned at the start of this set of posts that I have come to appreciate smaller locally planned events. Previous events like Northern Voice and WordCamp Victoria are good examples. The smaller size of an event with 100–200 people is probably a part of it but it isn’t the whole story.

Having a sense of common interest plus an exciting event helps alot too. You can feel connected to the event. This is my second year with this event and we are meeting up with people we’ve know for a sum total of a few hours – face to face time. Yet in the first 30 seconds that completely melts away.

This is where the ‘Geek’ part really kicks in. There is a passion and a desire to share that makes simply looking at airplanes so much more. Whehter it is trading stories about our favorite avation blog with my good firend @jetcitystar or getting musuem tips from @PlaneInsight or hearing about the world of helicopter training with @theninjapilot. And that was just over breakfast.

Then there’s Greg from New York, apparently they don’t have Dairy Queen back there. Trading airline stories with a couple of ex-Delta guys from Houston. We didn’t get to talk to the folks from Norway but I wished we had.

If you don’t believe me take a look at what @bigmalx says about the people.

Then there are the people that volunteer at the museums that we visited. These are also a group of people that brought enthusiasm and enjoyment to the weekend.

There was Owen the Docent from the Museum of Flight who had an impressive aviaton resume of this own. We talked Reno Air Races and other Air Shows. He had some great stories of his own from his post-PATCO career changes to working on getting planes for the Paul Allen Collections.

Then there was Bob working on restoring the DeHavilland Comet. Obvioyusly working hard on the meticulous work required of a restoration project. There is serious skill and determination in the work but there is also a desire to share

There was the nice lady from the Historic Flight Foundation that took us through the history of the DC–3 on the ramp. Right down to its restoration at Sealand Aviaiton in Campbell River.

So many connections courtesy of so many people. Your social media is okay, but it is the people in the end that make experiences truly great. Iwf it is a murder of crows, and a pride of Lions, then it should be called a Fest of Geeks.

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