Noticed this Lifehacker article

I could make 12 Dilberts out of this list..

  1. Ensure that you have full project detail up front … never happens. If they include everything it will never make the budget. Better to limit scope and get budget approval then ‘surprise’ everyone later .. its the gift that keeps on giving
  2. Set realistic expectations .. see thats’ just silly. If you tell people what you actually can do, they expect you are sandbagging them and will immediately ask for 50% more than you could possibly do. Start by setting expections to no more that 33%, expecting them to at least double and hope you can hold them to no more than 80% so when they ask you to cut the budget by 10% you have wiggle room
  3. Establish measurable and reportable criteria for success.. see above
  4. Select team members, and assign responsibilities carefully … you never get who you want, get one key guy that everyone else needs for their project assigned to your team then you can blackmail everyone else for the resources you need. Easy Peasy
  5. Embrace your role as leader…. never admit which projects are your responsible for, always have the ability to throw a couple overboard when the ‘synergy’ comes
  6. Manage project risks.. projects aren’t allowed to have risks. Ever
  7. Manage project risks .. addendum, if there are risks, label them as ‘opportunities’ and see if you can get more money for them.
  8. Manage project risks.. addendum 2, if you can’t get money for your risks, let them go, wait til the project is over and call them ‘Lessons Learned’ Every project needs lessons learned because nothing is perfect. So keep a couple of these beauties in your back pocket
  9. Evaluate the project when complete … see I told you

If you are about to say, Hey Bill you promised 12 and that is only 9.. see items 1, 2, 6, 7, and 8

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