• I had a "Woz" Apple //gs , any chance of a Gray Powell iPhone4? #
  • RT @danbenjamin Thanks to @jmspool for being a guest on the show, and thanks to @zeldman for just being awesome. #
  • @trishussey added Airfoil to my media Mini that plus a APexpress gives you a nice house wide audio system in reply to trishussey #
  • There's a Football game this weekend! #cfl #esks #
  • Seen 2nd tweets in as many days about iPhones and Dr offices. Need to write an app that provides access to 4 mo old magazines… #justsaying #
  • @shayman didn't you remember to vote? RT @canadasairports IATA: Toronto World's Most Improved Airport http://tinyurl.com/398zelr #
  • Understand the hospitality. But the "Welcome Sailor" sign at all the stores makes me feel oddly uncomfortable. #justsaying #
  • Cool to see Viking Air gets two more mentions in respected #flying mag Air International #yyj #
  • Viking Air news: http://bit.ly/cNPJxT and flight training deal for Pacific Sky plus http://bit.ly/9nRgbg #flying #yyj #

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