I was extremely happy to see the Vintage Wings folks get a Sabre back in the air, and I generally support idea of philitropic efforts to support aviation and military history. But in this case they are being a bit of an ass.

The Comox Air Force musuem participated in the restoration of a Spitfire that included the volunteering of time and the donations of money. It was reasonable to believe this was being contributed towards their community, apparently not.

via Ottawa Citizen (David Pugliese) B.C. volunteers irate over air force’s decision to sell vintage aircraft to Gatineau group for $1.

“The way it stands, the money that was raised locally won’t benefit anyone locally,” adds McLeod, who put about $10,000 of his own money into the Spitfire.

Now that could be understandable, but the response was anything but magnanimous.

Leslie says Vintage Wings only has the best interests of veterans at heart and he questioned the men’s concept of volunteerism.

Apparently keeping these things ‘out in the provinces’ isn’t appropriate

Leslie says those raising concerns about the aircraft leaving B.C. have the wrong attitude. He notes that if the plane is going to get national attention it has to be flown in the Ottawa area.


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