Last time I covered a couple of limitations of the iPad. Tris Hussey added another with his post on using the iPad, clearly nailing the issues of blog postings. I’m using my iPad to update this blog but it only works with the basic text entry, links, markup, graphics, and such are painful to non-existent. The WordPress application on the iPad seems broken. Cut and paste (like URLs) in the app doesn’t work for me. This includes the ability to use the iPads improved spelling correction features.

The spelling and cut and paste issues are a real limitation of using an iPad as a portable writing tool. It’s like the iPad should be made for blogging (a Twitter or longer microblogging) but justdoesnt deliver – yet.

That gets me back to the concept of text entry and content creation on the iPad. The keyboard (especially in landscape) is awesome and the predictive text is better than ever but….

There are two issues I personally run into on a regular basis and they are above and below the keyboard itself. When trying to touch type the letters themselves are okay but the space bar is a pain. I frequently miss it on the low (bezel) side and my words run together. This is a particular problem with my WordPress posts where the spell checker doesn’t work. This would be insanely frustrating for the average user.

The other is missing the keyboard to the high side which encroaches on the text arrea. Cashing my cursor to to the bottom of what I’m editing. Also a little maddening. Again this is something that is unique to the idea of an on screen touch keyboard.

One thought on “Living the iPad lifestyle, a couple more limiting cases

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