• This is a little funny, “Ten Dying IT Skills” http://snurl.com/icg8p with #10 – COBOL, dying implies not yet dead – seriously, COBOL??? WTF #
  • RT @publiceyeonline: is opining on the failure of electoral reform in British Columbia at http://tinyurl.com/popyef #
  • @acedtect thank tom, went to the Victoria Parade, in Victoria on Victoria Day. – neat how that works in reply to acedtect #
  • Oh, shucks; RT @timescolonist: Edmonton has a heavy snowfall warning. http://ow.ly/7Qar #
  • At some point,this is just too cool RT @teach42: Email from NASA: “So sorry I’ve been hard to reach, I’ve been swamped with stuff for Mars.” #
  • There are points in your life when you realize you just are never going to be cool again. I’m worried that was last thursday/ #
  • @jvangorp I think it helps to have a job no one else understands. Then you can to whereever you want. in reply to jvangorp #
  • @ewellburn – a related vein @sparkcbc had an interview with @anildash and @ginatrapani on http://lastyearsmodel.org/ that is worth a listen in reply to ewellburn #
  • Highest BC Election Turnout Delta South (>66%) closest race Delta South (3 votes – and counting). Coincidence? – I think not! #

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