• It's really not social media if you can't mess with people's heads, hey there's a topic for #dsylive next week #
  • Sweet! RT @ForeFlight radar and lightning coverage for Canada! Nice, eh? 1Km res, 3D to 20KM MSL, 10 min updates! http://twitpic.com/23vx36 #
  • Nothing like anthem at a #cfl game. Go #riders #
  • The nice mix of #cfl and a little #flying was a nice touch. Location: http://j.mp/91qHuq #
  • Gotta admit they did a nice job with Empire Field. #cfl nice place to watch a game. #
  • @brlamb we've got a crowd in the south endzone but it's a 6-4 split for the riders. in reply to brlamb #
  • Great rapid transit! RT @howlabit Rickshaws in Victoria BC: http://moby.to/reatdq #
  • RT @GlenSuitor Sask really could have a bigger lead at the half…Printers may be out in 2ND half?? #

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