I really don’t think ranting is useful. I prefer to vote with my feet and spend my money elsewhere. Yet I find myself beyond white hot angry AGAIN. After 4 months of trying I apparently will take another 100 days to actually be rid of these pathetic fools from Bell.

Forget the fraudently activity that I had to pay for then fight to get my money back. – still waiting by the way!

Forget after the poor service I still need to pay them for an additional 30 days after I cancel.

Because My cancellation will be effective 5 days into my next billing cycle, they will bill me for a complete additional month, beyond the 30 days. Then I will need to wait 74 days to get the excess refunded.

FIFTY FIVE (30 for notice + 25 for balance of billing cycle) days to make the cancellation happen plus SEVENTY FOUR days to give me my money back. 129 days and that is if they don’t f-it up again.
And its probably 74 business days so that is 104 real days so it could be as much as 159 days… it is beyond belief

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