I remember when Apple added podcasting to iTunes. I was in Philidelphia for the 2005 NECC conference shortly after Apple . The poor Apple folks attending NECC held a ‘presentation’ on what this meant – in a situation they clearly hadn’t been prepped for themselves. Apple employees almost never ‘ad lib’ but they held it together and managed to deal with the buzz that the announcement created. I even had my first podcast meetup with Steve Dembo at NECC.

Those of us already using iPodderX or something similar were interested but it didn’t quite feel like a huge deal. We were mostly wrong. iTunes and specifically the iTunes Store podcast listings was the game changer. The podcast clients slowly quickly died as the directory drove the way you added and deleted podcasts. That wouldn’t change again until the slow to the table Apple Podcasts App opened up third party IOS applications as the new Podcast consumption method of choice.

In the early days there were some noteable leaders. I had a lot of Leo Laporte, Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code and the ever present Ken Ray. As I look at my list today; well Ken is still here but alot of the others are gone. Leo turned into too much of the crazy uncle to be palatable in the long run. MacBreak Weekly was the ‘who’s who’ of the Apple world and really got me into Merlin, Andy, and Alex. And I still follow them around various podcast networks.

The real change happened shortly after the iTunes change. The podcasts that weren’t linked to tech took off. While the tech shows are staples of many podcast lists and listening they are so much more than that now. For me its the aviation podcasts like Airplane Geeks and [Airline Pilot Guy][apg]. I’m also more tlikely to listen to my favorite CBC radio show – Under the Influence – as a podcast than via the electromagentic waves throught the air.

If Adam Curry styled himself as the ‘podfather’, Leo Laporte was creating the United Artists or RKO of podcasting. And that’s been the story of the last few years they rising and morphing or podcast ‘networks’. Dan Benjamin’s Five by Five as been an incubator of many including spinoff networks.

5by5 absorbed Mike Hurley’s network and then it re-birthed RelayFM. There’s Moisés Chiullán’s Electric Shadow Network (ESN) and British Tech Network. And for Canadian sources there’s Rene Richie’s and iMore, Chris Enn’s and Goodstuff FM. Between these networks and my independent podcasts there are more hours of podcasts than I can fit in a day. I regularly need to declare episode bankrupcy. I must admit I stay away from the ‘mainstream’ media podcasts such as NPR, CBS, BBC or similar. Inevitably I find one new podcast from another podcast I’m already listening to. I probably change out 5 or 6 podcasts a year.

My Podcast Roll
I still listen to MacOS Ken on a daily basis. A true ‘never miss’ for the pure mac geek. I enjoy almost everything from RelayFm. Individual podcasts like Airline Pilot Guy, The Airplane Geeks, Accidental Tech Podcast, and Victoria’s own Mike Vardy with Productivityist. Probably the one outlier is AOPA Live which is the only video podcast on my list at this point.

If I had to guess, I’m expecting much of my series TV watching to move to video podcasts but that will be for the next 10 years to decide.

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