• RCMP not kidding about bringing chips, salsa to party #apple #feedly http://t.co/nzU4PS7CQ7 ->
  • RT @drance: BMW already under fire, shares down. "All measured data suggest that this is not a VW-specific issue."

    Hooooly moly. http://t.… ->

  • RT @Dave_CHED: Back on October 14, 1974 the Winnipeg Blue Bombers registered 15 passing yards on 2 completions. Bombers won 19-12 over Ham.… ->
  • RT @Dave_CHED: I have the answer to a much asked question. Mike Reilly passing yards of 49 yards last week is the lowest total in 41 years.… ->
  • Forcing suspects to reveal phone passwords is unconstitutional, court says #technews #feedly http://t.co/Ur0kBRQ5lL ->

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