• Massively multitasking this morning. Including downloading #FaceTime beta. Now if I just had someone to call. #
  • Mac App store to have similar approval process to iOS store. Oh great more blog posts with "draconian" in the lead. #justsayin #
  • To save apple a little time:
    Tell application "mac store"
    Vendor is "@omnigroup", "@barebones", @smilesoftware" set approve to TRUE #
  • No truth to rumor T.Vaughn was added to Neg list? RT @Dave_CHED Coach Hall confirms Jason Armstead is on his way. #esks #cfl #yeg #
  • If you believe the #apple screenshots – you will be able to buy iLife and iMovie apps separately in the Mac App store – very Interesting #
  • RT @hjarche PUBLICSCIENCE.ca opens up the world of science for the public good http://is.gd/gaeJz #
  • Done my #spin class, work the day for the man, and fed my family … now for a little #dyslive ….. #
  • … because a good shiraz and heckling @mikevardy are the only simple pleasures left …. #dyslive #
  • @trishussey you saw that the Apple art seems to show iLife can be purchase separately once the Mac App store is up? in reply to trishussey #
  • RT @dyscultured Will be arriving to tonight's party before 10, but after the beginning of the pre-show. Hopefully 9:50. ^AM #dyslive #
  • @trishussey I'm assuming the Mac App Store will all be direct downloads in reply to trishussey #
  • @trishussey talking about the new Mac App Store – not the Web Apple Store right? in reply to trishussey #
  • @trishussey I'm holding out to buy iPhoto online (apple art shows $14.99) in the MacAppStore – About the only thing I use… here's hoping.. in reply to trishussey #
  • RT @shareski TEDxSaskatoon? #TEDhasofficiallyjumpedtheshark (Hey it's not TEDxLaronge? #saskatoongotchops #

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