• Just another average day in paradise. http://twitpic.com/69ib5 #
  • had to follow @JoshMalina anyone who gets to date (even as fiction) Sabrina Lloyd and Mary McCormack is my hero #
  • if the bridge doesn’t take you where you need to go, then burning it isn’t such a big deal #
  • The theme of the week turns out to be gratitude; for friends, family, and a whack of good things. Spent today putting that in writing. #
  • Friends [frends] –noun 1. that group of people, without which, more of us would be jumping off bridges. No Web2.0 needed. #
  • On that last high note – now to go clean the bathrooms #
  • Realized – should put Mses Lloyd and McCormack on my admiration list and cut out the middle man (Sorry @JoshMalina) #
  • Watching – Richard Schiff and Josh Malina on ‘In Plain Sight’ with Mary McCormack. Its the West Wing reunion tour! #

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