• What we believe in. (via iFixit and submitted by Marc Oliveri) http://j.mp/c3W0Yk #
  • Not what we believe in. (via iFixit and submitted by Marc… http://j.mp/di94zh #
  • Richard Hammond has an iPhone app! http://j.mp/dm4qDm #topgear #
  • Congrats to @helijet Eight Year Air Ambulance Contract Goes To Helijet http://j.mp/ba6l6d #flying #
  • This mornings Security day -Social Media session courtesy of @b_west #
  • RT @b_WEST Demo'ing Twitter @ Security Day for the Information Security Branch, Ministry of Citizens Services. Pls say hello #YYJ #
  • Bonus points for guessing how far we get into Social Media at a security day without mentioning FireSheep #
  • RT @CFLDaily Eric Tillman has tracked down another former Rider. Eskimos will sign OL Antonio Hall #CFL #
  • @DMVanderhoof most governments self-insure. Spain had same problem with some Harriers that became burning holes. Canada leases trainers. in reply to DMVanderhoof #
  • Chalk is a new webapp built specifically for the iPad from 37… http://j.mp/cNtjXc #iPad #
  • RT @GoodPilotNews FlightGlobal: Bye readies for electric 172 first flight http://bit.ly/9OqeKx Full http://bit.ly/aRPIL1 #flying #
  • @FollwMyHeartArt I got mine from the twibbon site.. in reply to FollwMyHeartArt #
  • I'd love to get a measure of the mean time to get a question on twitter. #
  • As a security strategy all my future tweets will be delayed by a random amount of time from 5min to "whenever I get around to it" #
  • For those waiting for the security day FireSheep reference. The winning time was 14:33. Personally I had 10:21 #
  • security day top tip …. There is no one on the planet that is going to give you millions of dollars over email …. Seriously #
  • Another top tip … If you put 150 words on a PowerPoint slide, no one is going to read it…. Ever #justsayin #
  • @toots11 I refuse to comment on anything of @mikevardy that might be rubbing off …. in reply to toots11 #
  • RT @shayman Hello from Hygiene, Colorado

    Make up your own joke, ok? #

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