• “Bing is in Beta” – could that sound any more dorky http://www.bing.com/ #
  • GM bankrupt – Dow up, go figure #
  • On double entendre partrol “Two adult cougars spotted in Saanich” http://bit.ly/mqzDb #
  • For some reason – I will pass on the invitation to do the “What kind of girl are you?” quiz on Facebook – Damn you , gender roles! #
  • @jvangorp You really don’t want the kind of ‘prizes’ I give out in reply to jvangorp #
  • Now I know why the Dow didn’t care about GM – its not in the DJIA anymore http://bit.ly/unW2u #
  • Guy walking the galloping goose with his snake. No joke just a PSA. #
  • @macosken I wondering if any piece of Pre marketing will actual use the word iTunes in reply to macosken #
  • @odawna I was past the guy before it really registered, wasn’t going back. in reply to odawna #
  • @odawna tried to update the settings – Twitter is having some problems in reply to odawna #

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