• @GDgeek Check out the Nancy Grace spoof – about 6min into http://bit.ly/fqvasP off the short-lived Studio60 Show in reply to GDgeek #
  • If they could get Flash to work on the iPad – I bet you could use it in place of a hot water bottle. #FlashKillsMyBatteryLife #
  • RT @shayman Wishing all my American friends and family a Happy Thanksgiving, or as we call it, "Thursday." #15thAnnualLateNovemberJoke #
  • PSSST, everyone – while the Americans are off eating Turkey – what say we re-arrange the internet…. when they get back … they'll freak! #
  • No truth to the rumour, that if you carry the turkey through the TSA scanners, it will cook faster.. actually it will turn into a chicken… #
  • @saltspringair I say we start by moving facebook.com to facebook.mn (Mongolia) and paint it burnt orange… in reply to saltspringair #
  • #Riders Andy Fantuz Outstanding Canadian. #98GC #CFL #

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