Or at least there should be.

I love my podcasts. They keep my brain from going 1000 other annoying places that my daily life might take me if I let it. I think they make me a smarter and happier person. And there are so many to listen to I can barely keep up with even the top 10 that I have on my list (note to self .. podcast completion-ism is as as bad as twitter completion-ism.. get over it,  see also @caseyliss).

I think there is plenty of room for any view that is out there. And I don’t object to any of them being out there, with maybe one exception. Be professional, don’t abuse your audience.

There are a number of famous cases where podcasters have got a little power hungry and figured this is ‘mine’ and I can do whatever I want. I gave up on Leo Laporte after a incident when he kicked a host off ‘his network’ for questioning Leo’s use of loaner and demo product. It was mostly the maniacal way he did it rather than the parting of ways that put me off listening to him. (PS apparently that behaviour has continued since ) I kind of view my listening to someone on a podcast as a ‘vote’ even more so when I add memberships, donations or patreon support to it.

Recently many of my podcasts have added various community features such as a Slack Room to discuss and participate with the hosts. In the case of one particular podacaster, I really wish he hadn’t. I got to see him haranguing his audience. Extolling how he wasn’t stiffing opinion, just correcting the factual errors of all those ‘mistaken’ listeners that were disagreeing with his stand on an issue. Arguing on the internet is probably nothing new but it was just the bully pulpit aspect of it that I found distasteful. In the end, like any other customer, I voted with my feet. Deleted the account and cancelled my patreon support.

I’m sure there is a place for shock jocks on podcasts the same as TV and Radio. And if that is someone shtick then so be it but that wasn’t the case here. There doesn’t have to be many rules but there should be a few… this isn’t ‘Nam. Otherwise your just in the house of pain.

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