• We start another Quasi Quotation Thursday in search of truth and wisdom – or at least a good punchline. #qqt #
  • “The two most common elements in the world are hydrogen and stupidity” – and we’ve started to burn the hydrogen #qqt #
  • RT @fncll: !@brlamb’s keynote “The Urgency of Open Education” about to start, live on Ustream: http://bit.ly/4T0bX #TTIX #
  • “Live and Learn” because Die and Forget pretty much takes care of itself. #
  • Ryanair to introduce pay-per-pee http://bit.ly/193cZ9 #
  • Sitting in the sun having a coffee. #
  • “take one for the team” because if you try to give one to the team your going to get your ass kicked. #qqt #
  • “what goes up must come down” which is why I try not to think about the digestive processed of birds. #qqt #
  • “it’s never too late” was obvious coined by someone that never heard of “Reply to all….” #qqt #
  • “make Love not war” has never been more true, apparently you can contract out the “making War” part these days #qqt #
  • @odawna I don’t know why you would have a low tolerance problem, I think we have the highest quality laziness and incompetence. in reply to odawna #
  • Got annoyed with no calendar of events for Victoria that I could subscribe to .. so I made my own http://www.meetupvictoria.com #yyj #victoria #

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