With all my friends talking about their possible Christmas Purchases… the  requests for iPad recommendations keeps coming up. So for those that are taking the tablet plunge this Christmas here are 12 ‘I can’t live without’ Applications


12 Epicurious Because every operating system starts with a recipe card application….

11 IMDB the couchside answer to all you TV/Movie watching questions

10 Pastebot Getting Copy and Paste to your computer

9 Remote – the way I want to run all the media in my house….

8 Mobile Mouse – sofa control for my media Mini and any PC or Mac

7 Rivet – just started usign this but it is looking like a winner for my cross device media streaming from the computers to my iPhone,iPad, Xbox, and PS3…

6 Evernote – uses vary but I load pictures of reciepts into it and they are searchable – Sweet

5 Twitter Client of Choice – I use Twittleator Pro

4 GoodReader there are others.. this works and is relatively cheap

3 NoteTaker HD – Handwritting Note app

2 Reeder – All my RSS feeds, all the time

1 Instapaper– Anything I need to read, when I have a moment to read it.

While the best tend to be popular, widely used titles the honourable mentions go to the niche excellent titles…

Foreflight … as a pilot I’d buy an iPad just to put Foreflight on it.

Textexpander – should use it more than I do on the iPad – make that a new years resolution for 2011 – won’t live without it on my Macs…

Omnifocus if you are serious about Getting Things Done…

1Password – it was mostly for password syncing to the Mac but they have a PC client our now too… Saves a lot of typing and keeps you from wimping out on your passwords.

StarWalk – I was initally impressed by Elements for the way to make science compelling on the iPad but Starwalk is just flat out cool on any scale… See the universe by holding it up to the sky .. literally

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