• Teen Reading Club, After province pulled funds, library workers found way to keep popular program alive. http://j.mp/fkmcDq #
  • Will someone set and alarm for the day when Flash-driven page-turning online magazines just die and let me know when that happens! #kthxbye #
  • Just in case you haven't stared at enough Green Phosphorus in your life.. Secret Geometry: Cathode http://bit.ly/ge4ldd #
  • @pixelmator saw that your picking up the tab on this weeks @daringfireball – Thanks for that… #
  • RT @porterairlines: 24 of our friends at Bombardier won the lottery! Collectively, they won $50M. Congratulations! http://bit.ly/hqsEuL #
  • I bet succession planning just made the morning meeting agenda for the guys @Bombardier_Aero Downsview … #justdreaming #
  • missing my fix! #justsayin RT @macosken: I did this explainer show… And the wifi where I was staying crapper out. So I'll tweet the day.. #
  • TextMate's Autosave Preferences by David Bosman http://j.mp/h7Xh6d #toptip #
  • RT @cfl_esks: Video: From the Vault: Henry "Gizmo" Williams: EETV takes a look back at the man .. http://bit.ly/hb1X8G #
  • RT @macosken: I think I made a typo earlier. Daily news starts again Wed. So does MOSKLive. Good to be in SF. Excited to start rolling again #
  • Yay RT @victoriavisitor: Grills are fired up and the smell of battered fish is in the air. Red Fish, Blue Fish opens back up Feb 1st! #yyj #
  • The hilarious everything bagel http://bit.ly/hhJqT8 #
  • <smirk> RT @hummingbird604: Sorry, that series of numbers tweet was…. me moving my laptop to my desk. #

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