• Getting ready for another Quasi Quotation Thursday #qqt here on the twitter. #
  • “Its always darkest” before you lose consciousness entirely. #qqt #
  • “quitters never win” unless your playing golf, in which case it is the easiest way to get the lowest score. #qqt #
  • “I got the music in me” and the RIAA is looking for a cut #qqt #
  • I’m with @odawna Wow, that day majorly s*$@ unable to publicly declare why. #clm. But tweeting empty tweets is therapeutic all the same #
  • On a low day – somehow my job always manages to make me feel lower. #
  • When Gandhi did it they called it – “non-violent non-cooperation” when I try it gets called – “passive aggressive”, Go figure #
  • @publiceyeonline c’mon you gotta do ‘government recommends loosening your belt – literally http://bit.ly/SnBk4 in reply to publiceyeonline #

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