• On page 154 of Operator Down, by Brad Taylor https://t.co/F2M5agWEwA ->
  • The fact that Alexa doesn’t know what “Shields Up” or “Red Alert” is, means they need some better geeks working at Amazon… ->
  • 30 More Totally Idiotic Construction Fails https://t.co/6aHdq8lRbb ->
  • RT @JoshMalina: Hip hip hooray for @AllisonBJanney! 👏 No jet ski, but an Oscar!!! Xoxoxo ->
  • RT @icbc: Starting Mar. 1, drivers with two convictions for using an electronic device while driving within 3 years will pay as much as $2,… ->
  • RT @CHEK_News: Why did the chicken cross the road? Ask Saanich police https://t.co/Sw8crs8hp8 ->

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