Twitter Updates for 2018-06-08

  • On page 354 of 582 of Power and Empire, by Marc Cameron ->
  • America is an Ally but in a "No one beats up my little brothers but me" kind of way… ->
  • If the Ontario election went on a true proportional model the final standings would be PC – 29 NDP – 24 Lib- 14 Green -3 and Vacant – 52 ->
  • Why you should probably wait to install iOS 12 and the other betas ->
  • RT @lolseal: Fun fact: The Victoria inner harbor is one of the few international airports that occasionally has to close due to whales on… ->
  • RT @JeffersonObama: Star Trek’s James Doohan was a D-Day Canadian hero. At Normandy, he killed two snipers & successfully led his men throu… ->
  • RT @ericdeveloper_: What an amazing way to relive and share a flight in AR! Built this in no time using the new @Mapbox SceneKit. Take you… ->
  • RT @cfax1070: Your Friday morning commute right now #yyj ->
  • RT @kottke: Anthony Bourdain has died of an apparent suicide. He was 61. ->
  • RT @MacleanKay: I think the 44% turnout is more an indication of a lack of good choices, real or perceived, which wouldn’t have been any di… ->

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