Twitter Updates for 2018-10-08

  • RT @DanB: @rikerjoe @BobFrankston Here’s my notes from 40 years ago about first prototype on an Apple II of VisiCalc. (First on any compute… ->
  • RT @DanB: Thanks, Joe, for reminding me it’s 40 years since my first VisiCalc prototype! I’ll tweet a photo of my notes from that day. http… ->
  • RT @dog_rates: This is Ziggy. He sneaks into the fridge sometimes. Enjoys being cool and in close proximity to snacks at the same time. 12/… ->
  • RT @JohnShortJxS: The excuses will be piling up for days, but the Eskimos were not good enough. Simple as that. ->
  • RT @Dave_CHED: It's official now. This offence is in crisis mode. #Eskimos #CFL ->
  • @Dave_CHED Could be the time for the #eskimos to get a 'consultant' in to help with offence..possibly too late. ->
  • Simply not good enough ->
  • RT @ReidWilkins: Nine-and-third quarters without a touchdown for the Esks. Defence keeps them in it again, offence can't get anything going. ->
  • @SlobodaVic @CFL That’s what you call a situational call in reply to SlobodaVic ->
  • With Jefferson’s stupid dance, they deserve to lose this challenge ->
  • @EskEmpirePod @56Parkies I’d settle for grinding 3 minute drive and a rouge! in reply to EskEmpirePod ->
  • Why can’t we get to those tipped balls? ->
  • RT @56Parkies: Time to get a major here Esks. Let’s give @SeanWhyte6 a rest. Well, at least until the PAT. ->
  • For all the penalty control, #eskimos W/L record seemed better when Maas was flipping out more… ->
  • RT @Dave_CHED: Best game by the defence this season. Biggest difference is they are much tougher to throw on downfield. Good pressure up fr… ->
  • RT @ReidWilkins: Esks D has come a long way since earlier in the season. Getting more pressure on the QB, making more plays.
    Some good mome… ->
  • Is the return team trying to get out of Martise Jackson’s way.. he’s been mob tackled ->
  • Money Hunter makes a ST stop to make up for that last one. ->
  • I forgot this was Ray “Make it up as we go along” bury… #Eskimos ->
  • Negative yard return.. #nothelping #Eskimos ->

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