While discussing some recent training I did in my day job, I was asked whether teaching was my first love. I probably should have thought about it for a least a second but I didn’t.. I said “No, Flying is my first love”

It is not like I pine for a career flying the line, like Captain Dave , or the ups and downs of regional flying like the Aviatrix, or even cranking and banking in a CF–18. Although, every once and a while I think that last one might be REALLY cool.

I like being a network geek and teaching was a good job too.

But flying is a passion, to the point I would not really want to make it a job. The thought that I can – with a few dollars – push an airplane around the sky when the immediate annoyance I am dealing with is over, is probably the best feeling in the world.

I can sit and code PERL on my computer but the buzz from the ATC chatter of Live ATC in the background gives me energy. I can walk to work or pull on the rowing machine at the gym but I have The Airplane Geeks or Plane Crazy Down Under on my earbuds. When my niece and nephew send me birthday pictures, they inevitably include an airplane.

I celebrated a birthday recently, which was nice, but next summer I will celebrate 30 years as the holder of an aviation license.

I’m strongly considering a trip back to the place where I got my first set of wings in 1982. To stand on the ramp. To look at a little bit of sky.

It would be great if your job could deliver all the passion you need. But hobbies, avocations, and those bits of true passion you have are frequently found in much smaller doses. Nothing particularly wrong with that, maybe they are truly better served with a bit of scarcity.

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