• Let’s talk ‘Let’s talk iPhone’ on 5by5.tv http://j.mp/oEhx53 #5by5 #
  • David Curtis – CEO, Viking Air | Transportation | News | Financial Post http://j.mp/qLGKVT #flying #
  • Aspen’s Connected Panel Hooks iPads to Avionics http://j.mp/psJL2N #flying #
  • Incident Report: AC791 (A320-211) sustained minor damage when copilot’s window cracked while #flying FL340 NW of Chicago http://j.mp/p4irGq #
  • Every time someone shows off a new eCard service. I think I should check to see if my Geocities site is still up. #justsayin #
  • Drat! RT @jsnell Siri only on iPhone 4S, folks. #
  • That's what @gruber is saying on #5by5 right now, been to demo room RT @shawnblanc Is it stated anywhere that Siri will only work on the 4S? #
  • When a little scripting can save a whole lot of work CSV2JSON http://t.co/CR98X7lx thanks to @johntron #

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