• Nice looking ride.. Air to Air Photo Shoot – VAF Forums http://t.co/EUqlQURe #flying #
  • A virtual end of time http://t.co/aF9ZbpqM do you know where you time zone is? via @babbage #
  • Remember when we said circle Oct 15th on the calendar #esks fans.. well here is comes #stompSwaggerville #
  • EDM and CAL have 3 of the 4 same match ups down the stretch.. SSK, TOR, and WPG.. #esks #cfl #
  • No beets but the Sushi's great… RT @shayman YVR. #
  • Yoda never played Rugby.. RT @JesseLumsden28 RT @redbull: Do or Do Not. There is no Try. -Yoda #
  • At the rate Newspapers use twitter as a primary source, betting a news room can be replaced by a PERL script #TheMannSignularity #
  • iBooks finally has a 'killer' feature.. you can set up alerts by author .. amazingly not available on Amazon, Kobo, Chapters.. WHY? #
  • +1 RT @etherealmind It's time for Cisco to make Mac Apps a top priority. This Java idea is complete turd. Five years of ignoring complaints. #
  • @etherealmind a web interface on their appliances that doesn't look like it came from Window for Workgroups 3.1.1 would be nice too! in reply to etherealmind #

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