• @_daveyboy @craigus12 need 10.7.2 for iCloud in reply to _daveyboy #
  • 10.7.2 update completed.. now migrating to iCloud… #
  • Hey everybody it's @Snaggy turn on the server! kthxbbye in reply to Snaggy #
  • Badge off in Mail might do that,thanks: RT @MacSparky My post: Six mostly irrelevant iOS 5 features that make me smile. http://t.co/ITankV6k #
  • McCarty, Charles, and Messam.. Starts to feel like the days of Skinner, Jones, and Walling.. #esks #cfl #
  • Maybe they will turn Charles into a SB like they did with Craig Ellis.. #esks #cfl #
  • Darn, now I need a iCloud, Google Calendar syncing strategy.. #
  • My prediction for tonights #canucks game, it will be in Philadelphia.. #
  • AirPort Utility for iPhone and iPad http://t.co/QUiC4zxC via @daringfireball #
  • With all the leather bits, I expect a Ricardo Montalban iOS 5 ad anyway now. #
  • @marcoarment Interestingly, @instapaper 3.0.3 is in the "New and Noteworthly" section on my iPad's App Store.. in reply to marcoarment #

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