A quick guide to upcoming national celebrations;

To begin with Canadians tend to do things first;

  • Canada Day – July 1st, Independence Day (US) – July 4th

Other examples

  • Thanksgiving October 12, 2009 (Canada), November 26, 2009 (USA)
  • Canada joins First World War September 1915, USA joins WWI April 1917
  • Canada Declares war on Germany Sept 1939, USA joins WWII Dec 1941

Well Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Canadians also call things by clearer names:

  • Canadian “Maple Leaf” Flag Red Maple leaf on White background, US Flag “Stars and Stripes” – Red, White and Blue with some lines, stars, and a square in the corner
  • Canadian Anthem – “O’Canada”, US Anthem “Star Spangled Banner” (PS: written while being attacked from Canada – War of 1812)
  • Head of Government Residence; Canada “24 sussex drive” – that’s the address – what do you want?, US – The White House – yeah but which one, that’s Washington they have hundreds?? (PS: Didn’t we burn that down in the same war?)

Regardless of your nationality please enjoy <insert name of national holiday here> Day!

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