• @jvangorp used Feedly and Bloglines in the past. Tempted to start with Feedly. in reply to jvangorp #
  • @douglasr we "share" alot to pass news around and Google+ is a deal breaker as work people don't want to Risk their real names in reply to douglasr #
  • @douglasr @jvangorp this is the Google Affect .. as most of the tools still rely on Reader for the back end… might be making my own in Rails in reply to douglasr #
  • Three teams at 11-7 and 2 at 10-8.. regular season settled almost nothing.. that why we call them Playoffs #cfl #
  • Air show puts magic of historic fighter jet on centre stage http://t.co/Pdgan5nD #hawkone #flying #
  • @GlacierAir thanks for the hospitality this afternoon from Francois, you guys run a great operations #flying #

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