• This mornings walk via West Bay to downtown to get a bit of a hill over Head st. #
  • Trying out LiveATC on #iPhone at least I can listen to SFO even if I had to cancel my trip. Works okay even roaming around on 3G. #flying #
  • Realized on my walk. Don't think I turned on cable TV at all this week. If it wasn't for #cfl starting Wed I'd cancel it entirely. #
  • Didn't get the first cup of coffee right. I'm afraid I need to try again. #
  • Strawberries successfully returned this time, although not all of them, and I bought a bigger basket this time. Its all in the planning. #
  • Blackberry goes dark at the end of the day and I'm officially on holidays – at least for the next week. #
  • @AndrewLeonard LiveATC is $3 an iPhone version of http://www.liveatc.net/ nothing more than what you get there in reply to AndrewLeonard #
  • The differences between Canada and the United States A quick guide to upcoming national celebrations http://bill.crazyriver.com/archives/171 #
  • Watching slightly less @stevenfry go around as SRPC #topgear in what will be known as the Grindr episode #

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