• Could someone make a cool infographic on Politicians use of social media and their popularity ratings.. me thinks I found a correlation. #
  • The end of my last tweet was intended to sound folksy, not like JarJar Binx #sorryaboutthat #
  • Siri.. new song… "So Big in Japan" #
  • I'd figure I should finish my RSS feeds … but betting they are about to fill up #
  • New Apple song "Putting out Siri in Japanese" .. to the tune of "Putting out the Fire with Gasoline" #justsayin #
  • Apple store: Http/1.1 Service Unavailable .. oh boy.. they will probably sell a few iPads today! #
  • RT @cknw: Telus/BC Place deal killed 5 days after @christyclarkbc snubbed by company in big $ anncmnt, but PCC sez the two are not related. #
  • Need to get Winglets on that #q400 RT @greghounslow The @Bombardier_Aero team is at the @WestJet campus today: http://t.co/Q9pY8cbG #flying #
  • Sound like something for #AGF13 . Boeing Breaks Ground, Unveils Design For New Everett Delivery Center http://t.co/WJSB3rbw #flying #
  • McSweeney’s Internet Tendency: Alright, Fine, I’ll Add a Disclaimer to My Emails. http://t.co/WJ5P6I8J #

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