• After 150yr sentence. Bernie madoff convinced 5,000 other people to serve his sentence with him. He'll be out in a week and a half. #
  • Heading to #yeg for #Eskimos game on Thurs. Looking other events on Thursday? #
  • While North America celebrates a couple national Holidays,equal time for other Days around the world http://bill.crazyriver.com/archives/173 #
  • RT @lacouvee: New food & wine Festival http://www.VictoriaTaste.com July 16 -18 tix $75 til July 1st $100 after #yyj #victoriabc #
  • Seriously. Does it get much better than this? Warm Sun Ocean. Oh and coffee. #
  • Happily trade the entire month of November for a couple more days like this. Who do you see about that? #yyj #victoriabc #
  • Went for my workout and found my gym dark and a maintence guy changing the locks. That's not good, right? #yyj #bala #victoriabc #
  • @oDawna nope. Just have to stop next months payment. I hope. in reply to oDawna #
  • Liking the new Firefox (3.5) alot zippier with some of my web apps #
  • @jbj59 #bala they were changing the locks when I got there – looks like their done. Found this story http://bit.ly/1e6gib in reply to jbj59 #
  • Appears Bala Fitness is out of business it won't be reopening but it may be something else – http://bit.ly/1e6gib
    #yyj #victoriabc #
  • Between the Gym and the Pirate Bay – feeling a little snakebit right now, glad I didn't book Air Canada for my flight tomorrow. #
  • @oDawna I'll be twittering whenever I can. Covered on the basic iPhone plan. I hope. #

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