• GUEST POST: Blogging for Benet: A Few Ideas From FL290 http://t.co/XgZKwECW by @jetwhine #flying #
  • Air Canada maintenance firm gets bankruptcy protection – AC "reduced, deferred and cancelled ($16M) maintenance work" http://t.co/hGKltaim #
  • "Amazon pays $775-million for robot maker Kiva" and they'll be delivering to your house, whether you want it or not.. http://t.co/p9yTrN3i #
  • @despairinc You need a "Post/Tweet with Demotivator" option on your page somewhere… I'd use it every day and feel better about attribution #
  • Zynga’s bid for Draw Something may top $200 million http://t.co/4lqz0HIh #
  • Michael Dell Should Be Satisfied Apple’s finally giving that money back to its shareholders. http://t.co/HQ0vwWrc #

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