• What Stephen Covey Taught Me About Work and Life http://t.co/MsLwfEC3 #
  • Goodbye, Sparrow! 8 Alternatives to Sparrow for Email http://t.co/aX3wQG4X #
  • The average Canadian is now wealthier than the average American http://t.co/l16XPBgU not hard, when the other guys are going backward #
  • “I’d rather be at Oshkosh” – bumper sticker i’d like to find this week, but I bet they only sell them at #osh12 #
  • EAA AirVenture 2012: First Impressions http://t.co/mOo21nMe via @jetwhine #
  • GraphicConverter 8.2 http://t.co/PG8FaHHB these guys aren't selling out to Google anytime soon! #
  • should a similar position be posted in that period, you would be offered it automatically #

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