• After a haitus – bringing back #quasiquotationthursday ( #qqt ) twisting great quotes into mundane punchlines #
  • "Been there, done that" – Neil Armstrong's t-shirt for next Monday #qqt #
  • "Science is the fount of knowledge" but Google will do in a pinch #qqt #
  • "never underestimate the power of a small group of dedicated people to change the world" but 1 guy and a botnet can do some damage too #qqt #
  • "I'm not ADHD!" – I'm ignoring you! #qqt #
  • RT @Helijet RT @FairmontEmpress: Taste: Victoria's Festival of Food and Wine kicks off today here at The Victoria Conference center, yummm. #
  • must lower the value on ebay. RT @ScottBourne It's ironic that some who've won prizes from me b4 on Twitter now complain about my giveaways. #
  • A rather cool Government service "Passport Canada Mobile Passport Unit in British Columbia" http://bit.ly/f8aN4 #canada #
  • Watson tied for second at The Open Championship – what year is it again? http://bit.ly/11T8uW #golf #

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