With the release of iPhone 3.0 the ability to offer better in-car style GPS service became possible.

While many will hold out for the release of TomTom’s offering, in Canada we always seem to be left wanting.

G-Map has released several iPhone apps that cover both the US and Canada. I will avoid comparing this to other iPhone apps – because that really isn’t the comparison. At $20 they are relatively pricey iPhone applications but cheap alternatives to in-Car GPS.

Basic turn by turn with audible alerts, routing and point of interest. The voice prompts do not include the street names. This used to be the major difference between entry level GPSes and the better ones. So if you are willing to spend anything more than $80 on a dedicated unit it will beat this software.

However, I don’t need this to find places where I live. I need GPS for the times I’m away from home. And as an alternative to packing another device this is a no-brainer.

G-Map from XroadGPS has various version – Canada is $19.99 at Apps store http://www.xroadgps.com/Maps/GMapforiPhone/tabid/2463/Default.aspx

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