• should be new service from #bcfire – slap the first person that complains about the rain #
  • @lacouvee yeah, Saturday made me think that Bars and Sushi may be limiting the demographic in reply to lacouvee #
  • @lacouvee: @oDawna and I and one friend (+kid) of hers #
  • Press "1" to be rudely treated and then hung up on … #whenIVRsAttack #
  • Who knows wimba.com? anybody use it? #
  • Going celebrity-free on my twitter following #
  • Wow – Facebook buys Friendfeed http://is.gd/2aQIc #
  • Sabre "Golden Hawk 1" flying into Victoria today – heard they may do a flyby downtown #yyj anyone see it? #
  • Seriously considering a personal short url service, any suggestions http://bit.ly/mEmGl #shorturl #tools #
  • @jvangorp I think it should also provide a bookmark service that tags and timestamps your shortened links in reply to jvangorp #
  • @jvangorp you figure Delicious should have this locked up by now – they even send links to twitter in reply to jvangorp #
  • trying Delicious bookmarking http://icio.us/lkeknq #
  • Just updated to Seesmic (@askseesmic) Desktop 0.5 trying to get the inline autocomplete to work #twitter #seesmic #
  • I guess I can take tr.im out of the shorting services on the new Seesmic Desktop #
  • @askseesmic presumably that starts working from now on. It can't build a list from previous history ? in reply to askseesmic #
  • First one to make a “Quality adjusted life year” calculator app for the iPhone wins a free doughnut. http://is.gd/2baXV #

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