I previously used Vizaweb as an ISP but there service was brought down last Friday and still hasn’t recovered. I’ve tried to post over the last couple of days to their forums but haven’t been able to, this is what I think I know for the interest of other users.
I looked at things on Sunday night and it is my belief that there was a change in the registration to vizaweb.com on the 8th that pointed the DNS entries for all XX.vizaweb.com to and DNS other than that of Vizaweb (from whois record).

When I tried to resolve against Vizaweb’s DNS directly everything appeared to work. So by changing the DNS entries in your network settings from your ISP to unix1.vizaweb.com ( or unix2.vizaweb.com ( you should be able to get into cpanel, retrieve your email and other things. I appears that email was still getting delivered and all my content and sql databases were intacted.

This appears to be a case of a domain hijacking (change of a domain registration not authorized by the owner) although an ‘authorized’ person could have done this as well. It does not appear to be a ‘hacking’ job or have anything directly to do with the ftp email sent out earlier.

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