Waiting for the CitiWide Wifi service in Victoria.
A couple of recent posts at http://www.victoriavoices.org/2006/08/city-wide-wifi-nearly-here-bcng-portals/ and http://www.canada.com/victoriatimescolonist/news/story.html?id=32182200-18ea-4d00-82fe-a95649cb89b5
lead me on a little survey of the Jame Bay area for the new service. Ogden Point and Dallas Road are completely outside of any current signal, as is the ‘heart’ of James Bay at Menzies and Simcoe. The only luck was when I had a direct line of sight to the top of the Harbour Towers Hotel. Then I could get a signal registering as far as Simcoe and Montreal but not enough to connect.

The only connection I got was at Superior and Menzies in the parking lot opposite the Legislature but there was no DHCP so while I was connected to the radio, I wasn’t connected to the internet. Again in direct sight of the antennas on the roof of the hotel. The signal was also detectable on Belleville and Pendray, and at Shoal Point (Moka House) but again not enough to connect.

The SSID was either citiwide-30-2 se or citiwide-30-1 sw. There was also a brief presence of CitiWide-BH. The signal was stronger to the south of the Harbour towers. The signal was about 35 on iStumbler at Superior and Menzies (~400m horizontal and SE from the tower) but only 15 at Belleville and Pendray (~100m away and NW).

The CitiWide brand appears to be the trade name the service is going by, with a website at http://www.citiwidebroadband.com/.

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