You really think that one basic rule of the world would be I don’t stomp on your stuff and you don’ t stomp on mine.
I’ve had some recent experience with Wikepdia that has caused me to question its future. I work on several education-related articles that apparently draw the ire of other editors. There is a push to establish the ‘rules’ for articles. I kind of thought, they get their Xbox and Anime articles and I can have my schools. But that it not so much the way it is. You could retaliate and question hundreds of other articles but that wouldn’t be any more legitimate than what they are doing.

The arguements over what should be included also made the recent Ed Tech talk podcast. Where articles on Stephen Downes and other educational issues have also been questioned.

From another direction I also read the contribution of W.P. Kinsella to the Vancouver Province who suggests the military should get rid of the Snowbirds. The baseball movie was nice but W.P. just sounds like an old crank
“I was delighted to read recently that, because of airport expansion, the lifespan of the Abbotsford Air Show may be limited. The show ties up traffic on the Trans-Canada Highway for a whole weekend. The exploits are highly dangerous when performed over populated areas.”
I like the airshows, I’m a pilot and I think they really get people excited about something that I have loved all my life. I guess the RCMP horsey thing and all those bug buildings with the stuff in Ottawa will also be on the chopping block soon too.

I don’ t think I’m asking for much, everyone else can have the things they like – just don’t stomp on my stuff. The rule should be LIVE AND LET LIVE

And ‘one more thing’ – W.P. Kinsella is an idiot

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