Apparently there have been a bunch of new laws written in the past week or so, the laws of war, the law of humanity, and the law of proportionality. The last one must be somewhere between the law of gravity and ohm’s law.
My latest WTF momenent is provided by the Toronto Star. Just to prove that old media can be more ill-informed than bloggers. While introducing these ‘obvious facts’

"we now accept, in spite of the rationale provided at the time, that the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor did not justify the dropping of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki that killed and maimed thousands of civilians"
– Apparently they should have bombed Osaka bay and called it even, or allowed the Japanese to scuttle a couple dozen ships as an act of contrition.

"When the French footballer Zinedine Zidane delivered his now infamous head-butt in the World Cup final, the question on everybody’s mind was, "what could have provoked such a response?" FIFA’s investigation and rulings attempted to address just that question."
– lack of control isn’t enough, apparently bad acts were the fault of the victim, try that ‘law’ in pedophile cases

"If a child at school steals another child’s lunch, the victimized child can either try to get his lunch back with or without the principal’s assistance, …." at what point does comparing a century old conflict to a fight at recess, signal the fact you may have gone off the reality bandwagon.

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