As the first Canadian arrive in Canada from Lebanon many are critiquing the organization of the evacuation. Apparently, they do not believe they were kept informed and that the response was to slow. Now these words come from people that have just left a war zone so frustration is expected. But I can’t help thinking – Do we feel so entitled as Canadians that we complain about those that come to our aid?
There have been many incidents where police, fire, and medical services are criticized for how they go about their work. In this case, the belief is the government should have been able to organize an evacuation of tens of thousands in less time than they did. It has taken 20 years to by new military helicopters and recent attempts to purchase things faster have draw political flack but a multi-million dollar effort to move 50,000 people (more than the entire Canadian military) should happen in less than 7 days. Don’ t think so.

A friend asked me after my trip to France last year whether I believed another World War was possible. I answered, that I did not believe that we had the sense of sacrifice that caused hundreds of thousands of Canadians to travel all over the world and be prepared to give their lives.

We live in a microwave world where any challenge should be overcome in less than 5 minutes. If someone won’t wait 6 minutes to defrost a roast chances are they won’t spend more than 10 trying to understand the global forces that are causing death, displacement and tragedy on some random spot in the world.

And doing something about it – isn’t that somebody elses job?

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