Some more worthy causes and useful tools.
After the last post on this topic I was compelled to write another post supporting the many forms of ‘free’ online content. Of course, it isn’t really free – everything costs someone, something. But I added Azureus to my list of donations today.This open source product delivers many pieces of online content that I now use more than my cable television service. If I pay Shaw Cable $100/mo for the minimal new content they serve up between May and September then Azureus is certainly worth a few dollars. This adds to my ‘good guy list’ which includes donations to

  • The Conversations Network
  • Wikipedia
  • Creative Commons
  • This week in Tech – Leo Laporte
  • Slashdot Review
  • Not to mention a couple dozen pieces of good shareware software. I don’t expect these people are getting overly rich on my contributions but you have to vote with your dollars on occasion.

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