Leaving Las Vegas
Well, I must admit that Las Vegas is not on my list of places to go back. Not enough of a drinker or a gambler for it to do much for me.I was at least smart enough not to book a 7AM flight. Apparently, the lines were quite bad early in the morning. The one thing I will say for this trip to Networkers – it takes nothing to strike up a conversation. I was sitting at the airport an another conference go-er wanted to share a table and we struck up a converstation. It was his report from a colleague that let me know what the airport was like earlier in the day. That was common most of the week. By the time I arrived, the lines had died down and it was a breeze through the check in and the security check. Props to Alaska Airlines for another trouble free trip. The web check in and the express line for First Class were both excellent. So I had some time to waste at the airport. Well contrary to the hotel McCarran Airport has FREE WiFi. So that made for an excellent way to pass the time.

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